Sunday, December 31, 2006

A new year and a new start to this blog.

Why blog at all?

I have five reasons why I would spent the time and effort required by a blog.

1) To share ones thoughts and feelings
2) To act to improve the world (For example, reading Pandagon and other feminist blogs have given me insight into how different the world is for women, and that insight has hopefully helped me become a better person)
3) To educate others about important matters (Glenn Greenwald regard the warrantless wiretapping practiced by the Bush Administration)
4) To improve ones skills as a communicator in the online world
5) To keep in touch with friends (In the offline world my communications are often misunderstood, this blog might enable my friends to understand me better)

My resolutions for the year 2007

  • Post a blog entry of at least 250 words each day
  • Become financially successful
  • Reach and maintain a weight of 85kg through healthy eating
  • Have some form of daily exercise
  • Complete novel provisionally titled “Forget Yesterday”
  • Scan and organise grandfather’s slides
  • Organise library
  • Learn html and php
  • Be a more ethical and honest person
  • Complete plans, calculations and costing for ZIH (Zero Input House)
  • Give serious consideration with regards to future direction of life i.e. desirability of romantic relationship and the likelyhood thereof.
  • Complete my Honours Degree
  • Enrol for second degree in either law, architecture, film direction, commerce or the sciences

My fears for 2007

Friendships – In 2006 several friendships ended, some rather abruptly. I am afraid that several of my remaining friends have misconceptions regarding who I am and that, as their perception of me becomes more thorough, through revelations on this blog might they might choose to reject me. However I will not live a lie. I will go down flying my colours to the end

Financial ruination – The year 2006 made clear to me how fragile life is, a series of small disasters can easily lead to financial ruination, yet it is impossible to be protected against all disasters.

Death – In South Africa there exists a myriad ways in which one, or those whom one loves, can be easily shuffled off this mortal coil and there does not exist a culture of life in our country, I fear for my own life and that of all who I hold dear.

To bed with me!

Daily Tally
Weight = 100kg
M = 2