Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hello Germany, take your nutcase back!

We have enough locally grown nutcases so take yours back Germany

The apartheid regime was part of a global plot by the pharmaceutical industry, according to vitamin entrepreneur Dr Matthias Rath.
Okay, he starts of a a conspiracy theorist. Many of them on the internet. What makes him so special?

He also said the operations of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) were "almost a copy" of Hitler's brown shirt storm troopers.
Holy Godwin Batman! Hitlers zombie is coming for your brains!

The court case was to have got under way in April, but has been postponed because Rath filed his affidavit 13 months late.

You know that has to be some type of lame record. A year and a month. That is a special type of slow.

Come on Germany, own your crazy, take him back

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